Note: as the GDBC 2019 event is completed, the underlying infrastructure will no longer perform the actual disruption.

Sentiment on social media (Twitter) goes negative due to issue with site

A team member has deployed a tiny change to the website. However, the change hides the [Checkout] button. Everything is fully functional, but the purchases in web store are decreasing in rapid rate. There are no errors, last deployment was green and telemetry is indicating the usual load. What's going on? The system needs to recover quickly to stop the bleeding of purchases and avoid the same situation in the future.

These are your tasks:

Investigate negative feedback on Twitter

The first step is to investigate the negative feedback on social media (twitter) and see if it provides any specific information on the problem the site is facing.


  • Search for customer feedback on twitter with #teamname hashtag (remove "-" from name, twitter doesnt like it - e.g. instead of "#EuropeDemo-Team02" it should be "#EuropeDemoTeam02")
    • Note! Sometimes twitter search api takes time or doesnt return the tweets in search result when using the hashtag. We havent figured out why it sometimes does this. However, as backup you can also find your tweets from the @gdbctwapps.

Quick fix: Resolve problem with site

Based on the tweets from customers and your manual testing of the site the team should be able to replicate the problem. As the first quickfix you could just re-deploy the previously deployed application code because to your knowledge that did not inhabit the same flaw.


  • Re-deploy the previous version of the application code to see if that fixes the problem

Quick fix: Provide feedback to customer on Twitter

Now that the site is behaving as usual and purchases are returning to normal, it is time to use the social media channel that gave you information about the problem to provide feedback to the customers that the problem has been resolved and purchases can continue. Make sure to use the #teamname hashtag when posting the tweets.


  • Post a few tweets with positive messaging and #teamname hashtag regarding the resolving of problem with the shops website. This should turn the negative sentiment back into positive and also provide valuable feedback to customer.

Quick Fix Completed