SSL Certificate suddenly expired


The PartsUnlimited website runs perfectly fine but the unexpected happens. The SSL certificate has expired and now the website cannot be accessed anymore with a secure connection. The internal process describes how to create a ticket for the Operations department to get a new certificate. However, this takes at least a week. This is time we do not have. This process needs to be faster. One of the DevOps team members knows a service that you can use to automatically create and acquire certificates in an automated fashion. Sales is on the line. You need to act fast to fix this problem!

Learning objectives

In this challenge you will learn all about

  • [Prerequisite] You need a windows machine with PowerShell to follow the step by step instructions
  • Create and obtain a SSL certificate for your website with Let's Encrypt
  • Upload the certificate to your Azure WebApp
  • Create an automated process to renew the certificate automatically
  • Add a Detection mechanism in a build and set a status on your Azure DevOps dashboard