Introduction to the application and infrastructure


Welcome to the Global DevOps Bootcamp. The theme of this year is You Build It, You Run It. This year, we focus on the Run side of DevOps. During the day, you will face challenges that represent real production issues. But, there is no Operations without Build. That is why we give you a lot of things out of the box, so you can focus on delivering true value. This introduction challenge will guide you around the setup every team gets, and will guide you around the setup of the challenges website, the scoreboard and the way of work with your DevOps team. Please take a look at this challenge, get yourself familiar with the setup and enjoy the rest of the day !

Now Start the challenge, to get your instructions to get through this introduction challenge. In the real challenge setup, this will be the start sign of the disruption you choose!

Learning objectives

In this challenge you will learn about

  • The PartsUnlimited Application
  • The Azure Resources and setup
  • THe Azure DevOps setup
  • The challenges website
  • The scoreboard
  • The writing of Post Mortems